Shrouded in mystery, the REAPER project is one of the most exciting acts to burst onto thedance music scene in years. REAPER's sound is a unique flavor of Drum & Bass that piquesthe interest of Bass music enthusiasts across the spectrum. Since the project's inception in2018, REAPER has amassed over 100 Million streams across digital platforms with no sign ofslowing down. The live side of the project launched in January 2020, debuting with Browniesand Lemonade at 1720 Warehouse in Downtown Los Angeles.Following the debut, REAPERhas had a massive touring schedule, joining Kayzo on both of his 2021 and 2022 NA tours aswell as performing at major festivals, including Insomniac’s EDC Las Vegas, NocturnalWonderland, Beyond Wonderland, Countdown NYE, Excision’s Lost Lands, Bass Canyon, andmany more. In the Summer of 2022, REAPER took things international with successful sold-outshows in Australia and New Zealand. Riding that high into 2023, he debuted in Europe on twosold-out lineups in France. With thepresent momentum behind the project and an arsenal ofunlimited Drum & Bass weapons—REAPER is primed and ready to continue his Internationaltirade for the rest of the 2020s and beyond. REAPER is a portal to the new era, your gateway toDrum & Bass.