Sara Landry

Sara Landry is relentless…

Hailing from Texas USA, Sara is a self-taught producer, audio engineer and DJ known for her dark, driving and divinely feminine brand of industrial techno. Sara has quickly emerged as one of the most exciting artists in techno with releases on Exhale, RAW & Techno Germany, not to mention HEKATE, Sara’s own imprint.

Sara is an irrefutable powerhouse in the studio, deftly pushing herself to craft innovative sonic experiences that are, above all else, deliberate, witchy, and unique. Her ability to create journeys through warped sound-design and distorted elements has become her signature. Her records have attracted an ever-growing community of loyal fans as well as the admiration of key tastemakers such as Perc, 999999999, I Hate Models, Amelie Lens, Nico Moreno, VTSS, SPFDJ, Shlømo, Cera Khin, DYEN, Adam Beyer, and more. It is no surprise then that Sara’s track for Amelie Lens’ VA for Ukraine remains the 2nd highest streaming track after Amelie’s, not to mention Sara also can be credited with the highest streaming track on RAW’s Summer Hits II VA, as well as x2 of Techno Germany’s top 10 best selling records of all time.

Sara’s success as a producer inspired her to launch her own imprint HEKATE, named after the Greek Goddess of witchcraft and wild placed. The label serves as a vehicle that allows Sara to push her creative boundaries, delving deeper into the sonics and influences that inspire her most, as well as promoting other like minded artists in Sara’s network.

As a DJ, Sara is an explosive presence consistently delivering thunderous, hammering sets that have won the hearts of techno fanatics the world over and earned her a plethora of high-profile bookings at Kompass club, CRSSD, Verknipt, Dystopia & more. Her prolific ability behind the decks soon caught the attention of leading Industrial brands RAW & Terminal V who both asked Sara for mixes towards their podcast series as well as Boiler Room who gave Sara a spot on their highly coveted Hard Dance Mix series. Since the launch of Sara’s Boiler Room Hard Dance Mix no other mix in the series has out performed Sara’s mix. But perhaps Sara’s most solidifying moment as a DJ came from her first headline show in LA with 6AM which she sold out x3 times over resulting in upgrading the capacity to 1000 tickets.

Sara’s ambition with her music is to help her audiences transcend into deep outer-bodied experiences by providing a space for them to lose themselves in the realm she manifests. And with her social presence ever growing around a constant flow of shows and a steady flow of releases, it’s no surprise why Sara Landry is widely regarded as the standout rising talent in the Hard Techno scene.